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Prosecutor: Pressly suspect confessed



Curtis Lavelle Vance, accused of the murder of TV anchor Anne Pressly, appeared in Circuit Court this morning. David Goins of Fox 16 provided Twitter updates.

He made a number of comments, including that he was pressured by police into confessing by police "who put a gun to my face."

The confirmation of a confession was the news of the day, fron the prosecution team. Not one confession, but three. More on the hearing here.

UPSHOT: Another hearing set for July 9 on question of whether Vance is fit to proceed to trial. You'll recall he refused to participate in a State Hospital evaluation and still gives no indication of full cooperation, so Judge Chris Piazza wouldn't grant a defense request for a 30-day commitment for evaluation. The judge saw it as just more stalling. I suspect Vance refuses because he knows well enough the difference between right and wrong and thus is competent to stand trial for allegedly doing wrong.

DNA evidence. Multiple confessions. A pending rape charge in another jurisdiction. Witnesses spotted him in the neighborhood. Put it all together and you might speculate on whether the defense could be looking for a deal, though life without is about as good as it's likely to be. The prosecution will announce whether it seeks the death penalty at an Aug. 18 hearing.

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