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'Peaceful transfer of power'



I always get a little sore when TV talking heads talk of the wonders of the "peaceful transfer of power" in the U.S. at elections. Dozens -- hundreds? -- of countries have democratic elections and peaceful transfers of power, sometimes even without Republican riots and ethically challenged Supreme Court justices.

Iran? Not so much.

I don't mean to go all contrarian on you, but what if Ahmadinejad is right? What if the polls were wrong and he really did enjoy greater rural support, but polls were skewed by urban sentiment? Just asking. I obviously don't have a clue. Rock-hurling, fire-tossing Iranis don't seem to be buying it.

NY Times is also blogging the reporting on the election results and whether they can be trusted. It is interesting that the margin was 2-1 no matter the time the running total was posted or the origin of votes. The winner was at least nuanced, not taking the Soviet model of 99-1.

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