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Consequences, unintended or not



Dana Kelley writes a column today in the Democrat-Gazette worth perusing and remembering in years ahead. Subject: State lottery.

He mentions, as I've linked before, audits that show the South Carolina lottery paid a relatively high salary to its director, Ernie Passailaigue compared with other states.  Already well paid, he was lured to Arkansas by $100,000 more in direct salary and the ability to cash in on $100,000-plus in state retirement.

More important, though, are Kelley's figures that indicate increases in  public college costs in South Carolina have far outstripped the scholarship revenue produced by the South Carolina lottery. Did the belief that students had been provided for by lottery winnings give colleges cover to jack up the bill? The bottom line is that South Carolina students are going deeper in debt than ever. College is less affordable than ever, wonders of the lottery not withstanding.

Cautionary words.

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