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Arkansas lottery chief Ernie Passailaigue. is hard at work, Democrat-Gazette indicates, touring potential office sites and attending to a key money-maker, scratchoff tickets.  He's also extended his first job offer. He was accompanied by aide Julie Baldridge, former aide to Lottery Commission Chairman Ray Thornton and to Senate President Pro Tem Bob Johnson. Neither talked to him about hiring anyone, Ernie P. said.

It so happens I mentioned Ernie P.'s skills in a column this week:

He's a lottery pro. But he's also a good ol' boy politico, a former Democratic state senator and gubernatorial candidate who charmed Arkansas key legislators during a consulting trip here. Legislators who were anxious to control the Arkansas lottery through appointment of a good ol' boy Arkansan need not fear a new way of doing business. Their calls will be returned; their job recommendees duly considered.


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