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Union keeps pressure on



The Service Employees International Union is putting double pressure on Arkansas senators today.

It's about to roll out some new ads targeting Arkansas's senators on the Employee Free Choice Act. It's shown above in a version aimed at Sens. Pryor and Lincoln. The SEIU, in an e-mail, says it's responding to what it calls the "CEOs vs. Arkansas campaign."

The CEOs are swarming.

Last week hundreds of CEOs and other business people flew to Washington, D.C .to pressure your senators.  They want Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor to stand with the same greedy CEOs who wrecked our economy in the first place

Tonight, the SEIU plans a separate event at Central High School to pressure Lincoln to get behind a meaningful health care plan -- i.e., not one that depends on the charity of insurance companies.

Our senators until now have seemed to be less subject to pressure from uninsured low-wage workers than from the CEOs and other execs who flew up to visit them in Washington last week. But we shall see.

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