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McDonald worker gets break



Fox 16 is reporting that an undisclosed financial settlement has been reached in the Workers Compensation case of Nigel Haskett, the employee of a Little Rock McDonald's restaurant who was injured when he stopped a man attacking a female customer.

McDonald's insurer had resisted paying the claim because the company said Haskett had acted outside his duties.

Even though Haskett can't talk about how much he received from his employer, he says he feels taken care of.  Not just by McDonalds, but by the letters of support that came in after we first aired his story.

"I get emotional every time I hold these and I read through them, there's just so many," Haskett says.

After Doug Smith reported the story for us in February, it went national on ABC and elsewhere.

McDonald's suffered a black eye in the event and ordered YouTube to take down video we had posted of the attack that Haskett thwarted, complaining the security camera footage was proprietary. The footage remains on our video viewer however.

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