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The Yemenis made him do it



Our news partner Fox 16 posts interview with lawyer for LR terror shooting suspect about root of his expressed anger toward American military.

CNN is also backgrounding the suspected killer.

Federal investigators, meanwhile, are also looking into what he was doing during the 16 months he spent in Yemen, which deported him back to the United States in January.

A Yemeni Embassy official in Washington said Muhammad entered the country with a U.S. passport in September 2007 and spent two months teaching English to Yemeni students at the British Consulate there. Then he moved to the capital, Sanaa, where he taught English and studied Arabic at the City Institute.

In November, he was arrested in Aden for overstaying his visa and deported two months later in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, the Yemeni official said.

A senior law enforcement official said this week that Muhammad had been arrested for using a fake Somali identification document. But upon his return to the United States, authorities had no evidence to arrest him or put him under surveillance, the official said.

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