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Jacksonville elects mayor



Did I miss this in morning paper? Gary Fletcher won the runoff in the special election for Jacksonville mayor last night, beating Alderman Kenny Elliott 1,367 to 1,142, according to unofficial results. Precinct results here.

Speaking of the daily newspaper: I did a double-take this morning reading the account of the appearance of state political party chairmen at the Political Animals Club Monday. It seemed so old. And the reporter has my sympathy. It's hard to shoehorn stories in the small Tuesday newspaper. Some stuff gets held over. But it illustrates the newspaper dilemma. The good stuff from that session was available on-line virtually instantaneously, as I reported at midday Monday, thanks to Twittering of people in the room as Todd Turner and Doyle Webb spoke.

You can protect your print franchise by not putting news on-line (and then in full only to paid subscribers). But if people are getting most of what they want on-line -- free -- they might choose to pass up the print option. The old-fashioned newspaper remains the best and most complete package of local information. Sort of like a department store or mall is still the best and most complete package of consumer goods. (Or Amazon.com) But some people only want to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond or Best Buy or the local bookstore. We'll continue to do our best to fragment the market, too.

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