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Jail break under review UPDATED



Prison spokeswoman Dina Tyler said five Cummins prison employees have been suspended without pay while reviewing what contributed to the escape Friday of two killers. The men apparently put on guard uniforms and walked out a shift change to a waiting car. The guards who were relieved apparently have duty at entry and exit points.

What's unclear to me so far is whether there's any kind of card or key control at exits or if facial recognition is all that's required. I'm curious, too, where the car was parked that inmates used to escape.

Here's another question: With plenty of getaway time -- and probably some money and other necessities since a car was provided outside -- what are these guys doing hanging around the Missouri Bootheel, as reports indicate they are? And why is it that the Bootheel is where so many thugs wind up?

UPDATE: A blog reader who visits Cummins frequently provides some insight to entry and exit procedures.

UPDATE II: KATV reports escapees seen in Michigan. That sounds more like it. Headed to Canada?

UPDATE III: Arrests made of free-worlders who supposedly provided getaway car. This story says search still concentrated in Bootheel.

The public and the guards all go in the same gate.  You first enter a small building, go through the metal detector, show ID, sign in and wait until someone says it is ok to go through the next door and wait until someone somewhere else opens the gate at the fence.  If you don't act quick when the gate unlocks, it will relock.  The guards have to show ID and sign in.  The same procedure when they leave.  It is fairly chaotic at times, and when shift changes occur, I can see how a bunch of people in an enclosed space could get overlooked.

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