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Godspeed, Zonker



A sad note this morning:

Dear Max,
You knew my husband, Tommy (Jerry) Donoho, Jr., from his many blog entires as "Zonker".  Through the Arkansas Times blog he spent many happy hours in debate and idea exchange.   Jerry passed away Sunday after a long illness and I wanted you and his fellow bloggers to know how much pleasure this interaction brought him. 
Mary Nell (Mrs. Zonker) Donoho

He was a sweet guy. From his last of more than 1,300 contributions, in late December, during recuperation from long illness:

if this is my last post this year i want to thank all my friends who helped me through the year.  you got me through the toughest year i have ever had and i now know how many friends i have and it is more than i could have imagined.  this is a supportive group and i don't deserve the kindness the people on the blog have shown me.  thank you.  jerry

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