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Ex-Hog describes cheating



I don't follow sports closely. Maybe I missed this previously. But I noticed on Stephens Media today this story, about former Hog basketball player Patrick Beverley.

Says he left the team because of academic cheating -- turning in a paper written by someone else. The somewhat more incendiary part of the story:

Last week in an interview conducted by DraftExpress.com, Beverley spoke candidly about his Arkansas departure. He admitted being suspended for turning in a paper that wasn’t his work, but indicated he wasn’t the only one to do so.

“It was some things that happened with me and my team,” Beverley told DraftExpress.com. “Someone from Arkansas was doing papers, was doing me and some of my teammates’ papers. Basically, instead of ratting my team out, I just said it was just me and I was forced to have a year of ineligibility.”

The UA's response, that it has thoroughly reviewed the issue, doesn't directly address the question of whether it found or suspects others may have engaged in the practice.


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