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Experience. Schmexperience.



I hear a former director of the New York Lottery (along with others with relevant experience) has filed an application to direct the Arkansas Lottery.

Damn dumb Yankee. How could he possibly know how to oil an Arkansas legislator like, say, a former Arkansas legislator who whistled past a graveyard full of legal fatalities while "counseling" an Arkansas university on legal matters?

Now, he might qualify as a No. 2 behind somebody who KNOWS how to oil the legislature, but may not know squat about lotteries. Yes, that's the ticket.

PS -- Yes, I know. Lt. Gov. Bill Halter continues to quietly suggest that someone with experience should be hired to run the lottery. It's a mature industry, after all, with a wealth of employees who know the mechanics and pitfalls. But, hey. What does he know? He merely passed a lottery, single-handedly and overwhelmingly, when not a single other Arkansas politician wanted a thing to do with it. Then.

UPDATE: House Speaker Robbie Wills objects to my skepticism and gets in a few more supportive words for the insiders' Arkansas candidate.

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