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Why Vic Snyder? UPDATE



A state legislator calls my attention to an item about a coordinated National Republican Congressional Committee ad campaign trying to tie 17 Democratic members of Congress to the perceived evils of Speaker Nancy Pelosi in saying she was misled about the use of torture.

One of the 17 is U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder. Do Republicans perceive him as vulnerable in 2010 (not indicated so far by expressed interest in the race by Republican candidates)? He's said he's running again, though perhaps with somewhat less fervor than past campaigns given pressures of his recent family expansion. The Second District is viewed as a swing district by national Repubs apparently. But I think the local Republican belief is that a successful candidate must have some vote-pulling power in Pulaski County or the candidacy is futile. Cookie-cutter ideologues from the 'burbs generally do not.

UPDATE: Comes a responding e-mail from a reliable Republican source. In its entirety:

"French Hill."

I have a call in to Hill, a Bush I Republican whose Little Rock bank took root in, gasp, Hillcrest and whose family has pitched in on public education in Little Rock.

But I now have an outline of how the thinking goes. Hill would have stronger appeal than any Republican in Pulaski just about ever (Bud Cummins maybe excepted and not counting ancient Bethune days). Then you'd have Gilbert Baker running strong in the outlying counties against Blanche Lincoln to stir up more Republican votes for the rest of the ticket. Obama is no more popular in Arkansas today  than when he got thrashed in 2008 and some of his policies (with Democratic congressional support) seem ripe for exploitation.

Is all this a ticket to wins over a Democratic senator with lukewarm support and a distracted liberal congressman? Don't know, but it sounds like a game plan. (Yes, there's Kim Hendren and Curtis Coleman on the Senate side; money questions; pulling the trigger on a decision to run, etc. yet to be considered. But it's never too early to fire up speculation.)

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