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John Brummett is less concerned than I am about legislators' desire to install Tom Courtway, former legislator and interim UCA president, as head of the state lottery.

As I've written for the paper this week, his pre-selection is one of a body of circumstantial evidence that raises questions about the lottery's independence. At a minimum, I hope his lottery commission interview will include some questions about how he managed, as UCA general counsel, to be oblivious to all the problems there. People throughout the education establishment were aware of the campus' shaky credit and questions about the concurrent enrollment program. The bonus deals for Lu Hardin were matter of public record, as were the dubious Board of Trustees meetings. The explosive athletic spending was self-evident, as were creative bookkeeping still in place under Courtway to fund it. Favors for insiders in scholarships and housing were well-known to all. Will the lottery be run the same way?

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