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'American Idol' conspiracy theories



The NY Times says the "American Idol" franchise remains strong, though ratings this year were the lowest in eight years and the audience is trending older.

It's an interesting piece that gets into conspiracy theories about vote rigging (it is curious that voting continued for four hours after the show ended Tuesday). There's also a reference to the bogus report of 38 million votes from Arkansas, etc.

The series certainly seemed to be on the tip of tongues around the country this season, with a field of Top 5 performers that was arguably the show’s strongest ever. Adam Lambert, in particular, drew the most attention, dividing viewers while also drawing admiration for the energy he injected into performances.

[Conway contestant Kris] Mr. Allen, meanwhile, played the part of Mine That Bird, the unsung colt who climbed unnoticed from the back of the pack to Kentucky Derby victory.

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