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Proctor deliberations UPDATE


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The three-judge judicial discipline panel that heard allegations of ethical misconduct by Circuit Judge Willard Proctor is meeting in closed session today to begin considering the case. Today is also the deadline for the Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission staff to file the summary of its case against the judge and for the judge to file its response.

I hope to have information from the filings before the day is out.

UPDATE: Here's the staff's 30-page filing, an extensive narrative of Proctor's problem-fraught probation program and his strange treatment of staff and probationers. It concludes with a recommendation that Proctor be removed from the bench.

The three-judge panel has no deadline on making its recommendation to a full nine-member panel of the discipline commission, but the full process must be completed within 60 days of the close of Proctor's hearing two weeks ago. If the commission recommends removal from office, the final decision rests with the state Supreme Court. The staff has recommended that, if the commission recommends removal, that the court suspend him from the bench during the appeal.

Proctor's response is due by the end of the day today. In the course of the hearing, he argued that he'd corrected many problems and his attorney said Proctor, who is black, was a victim of racial discrimination.

UPDATE: Here's Proctor's filing, in which he says he's done nothing deserving of sanction.


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