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A reader asks for a post mentioning the hair-raising story in the Democrat-Gazette this morning about the North Little Rock Housing authority maintenance employee accused of using a pass key to gain access to the apartment of a deaf woman and raping her. She'd reported the crime, not when it occurred, but after she discovered she was pregnant. The charge came months later, after genetic testing.

I don't know what to add. That the Housing Authority was fully derelict in failing to discover the murder conviction of a potential employee, a man who raped and killed a prostitute? That the horror of the victim's having to live with her attacker for months is unimaginable. There should be fallout at the Housing Authority on this. Also, how does a murderous rapist get paroled after serving 15 years?

UPDATE: Will Small was recommended for parole in 2004 on the condition that he attend a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program operated by New Start (motto: "A Place of Recovery Where God is Changing Lives").

Parole was recommended by Larry Zeno, who resigned from the parole board last year afer naughty photos were found on his state computer  More on Zeno here. Concurring were John Felts, John Belken, Caroline Robinson and perhaps Leroy Brownlee, but documents are unclear on the last. The Parole Board won't release any letters sent in support of his parole application.

Small's name does not appear on the state's sex offender registry. He was sent to prison for murder and kidnapping, but, according to the newspaper account, he admitted that he'd raped the woman he killed.

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