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Dillard's: Calling Dr. Phil



-- New York Post. Click to enlarge

Haven't seen any local pickup on this New York Post article over the weekend about struggling Dillard Department stores.

The story suggests feuding between brothers Bill Jr. and Alex Dillard could explain some difficulties. Example: Bill wants to dominate men's suits while the world is going casual. Alex is described as having a more realistic view. Who knows the truth? It goes without saying that no Dillard is quoted in the article.

The illustration is flying around town. Not exactly ideal exposure in a widely read paper at the center of the U.S. financial world..

The problems at Dillard's, some say, date back to 2002, when Bill Dillard Sr., the founder, died. The elder Dillard, who started the chain in 1938, was a penny pincher who ran a tight ship.

Critics of the company in recent years complain that Bill Jr. is too familiar with corporate jets, opulent stores, and golf.

As they vie for control of the business, sources say the rival brothers micromanage their respective fiefdoms, routinely over-riding decisions made by lower management.

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