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Thanks to LC for the tip that a local, Federal District Judge Susan Webber Wright, has been appointed to the "FISA Court." This is the panel, appointed currently by Chief Justice John Roberts (R-Diehard), that reviews requests for wiretaps and other surveillance to catch terrorists. A heartland appointment is a little unusual, I'd guess, but Judge Wright is a good Republican.

(Personal note: We've come a long way, haven't we? Susan was at Randolph Macon in Lynchburg, Va., while I was over the mountain at Lexington at W&LU 1968-72. I was never up to the high intellects at Randy Mac, I must admit. Or anywhere else in the day of single-sex colleges in Virginia, I should add. But here's some poetic justice. Susan's daughter ended up at my alma mater, W&L.And did mighty well.  End of personal digression. Susan's a fine judge and I really liked her late husband, Bob Wright. You knew where he stood and that's good enough for me.)

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