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A journalism blogger files a lengthy report on his appearance with Democrat-Gazette Publisher Walter Hussman on a newspaper convention panel debate about whether newspapers should charge for access to their websites, as the Democrat-Gazette does. He reports that the D-G has sold about 3,400 web-only subscriptions in seven years, not much revenue, but more of a protection for the print edition. The blogger thinks Hussman's model may not be easily duplicated nationwide, in part because of what the blogger perceives as different demographics in Little Rock -- a conservative readership still attuned to newspapers and, gasp, a relative lack of competition.

It's an interesting account. The blogger did note a part, but not all, of the publisher's bifurcated web policy. There's free access in Chattanooga and the company's chain outlet there. There's also free access to the Northwest Arkansas edition of the paper, a website that carries a significant amount of the Little Rock paper's content.

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