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Well, I'm back, with only several days of jangled rhythms, laundry and two weeks worth of newspapers to deal with before normalcy returns.

Our last stop was Venice. Nothing my photo skills could add to depictions of that incredible canvas, so I'll share instead my fascination with waterborne business and commerce, such as the garbage boat in which garbage men dump the rolling bin they used to gather bags of trash (recyclables separated) tied to front door handles. Also in my file: the beer delivery boat; waterborne hearses, ambulances and fire boats, etc. You could watch the passing parade without end.

Cleaning up on the home front:

In addition to the news we broke about GOP leader Doyle Webb's culture war, the two things that bubbled out from my quick headline scan this morning were:

1) Prison air, as reported by the Democrat-Gazette. The Correction Department's private air force -- used without charge for political aggrandizement by Attorney General Dustin McDaniel -- is a two-level scandal, both in the department's questionable need for this plane and the attorney general's abuse of it. Huckster got nothing on Dustin.

2) And, though it defies ready summary, what a mess in the Benton County prosecuting attorney's office. Richly reported by the Morning News.

Oh, and an interesting article arrived by e-mail while I was gone from Chris. It's about how public schools outperformed private schools on standardized math testing.

Oh, and yes, why do I keep thinking some legislative-created fix is in on who and how the new lottery will be run. Smells of home cooking.

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