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What a stitch that guy is. First, he tells the Arkansas Times blog that it "doesn't ring a bell" that he might have warned his GOP brethren that a lesbian respresentative could ascend to head the legislature's budget committee. Then he tells Michael Wickline of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette -- lying not being one of the family values engraved on his bosom -- that he did, and here's why: she could "influence a change" in our attitudes toward marriage.

Webb, the state GOP head, tells Wickline he says he's afraid state Rep. Kathy Webb could, once chairing the budget committee, undo Act 1, the new law enacted by Arkansas voters that would keep foster children away from all those evil  homosexuals who are trying to snatch up little kids and throw them in the oven. Better they go to the homes of self-proclaimed Christians who are actually making videos of them in the bathroom.

Webb has been sounding the lesbian alert at Republican fund-raising dinners throughout the spring. He's spent a lot of time thinking about Kathy Webb and her partner, and their lesbian agenda, apparently.



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