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Lottery retreat, or re-tweet UPDATE


Capsearch is tweeting from the Arkansas Lottery Commission's retreat.  Any news so far?  Not really.  The commission is hearing from Ernie Passailaigue, executive director of the South Carolina Lottery.  Passailaigue says, "if at all possible keep politics out of the lottery."  If they could actually do that, that would be news.  According to Capsearch, commission chairman Ray Thornton "cites Sen. Johnson, Rep. Wills and Commission Oversight Committee telling the commission to 'go your own way.'"  Follow the feed for more updates @capsearch

UPDATE: Arkansas Business has an update on the day's events.  Apparently, Margaret DeFrancisco, director of the Georgia Lottery, told commissioners to remember the reason for the commission's existence - to set up a lottery to fund scholarships.  It seems as though she is inferring that there will be a considerable temptation to do something else with it.

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