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High court Hispanic?



The Washington Post has an interesting story on the push to get Obama to appoint a Hispanic to the Supreme Court to replace Souter. The most prominent name: Sonia Sotomayor, who sits on the 2nd District U.S. Court of Appeals in New York. Detractors say, though, that she has a hard time getting along with folks. At any rate, Obama is bound to have more than one opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice, given that John Paul Stevens is 89 and Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 76.

The pressure to name a Hispanic justice is building, with Hispanic legal groups calling -- ever so gently -- for the court's first Latino member. That call was backed up by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which told Obama that "appointing our nation's first Hispanic justice would undoubtedly be welcomed by our community and bring greater diversity of thought, perspective and experience to the nation's legal system."


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