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Pryor supports torture investigation



The Obama administration has gone back and forth on whether or not to prosecute those who used harsh interrogation techniques against terror suspects during the reign of George II.  Paul Barton, our contributor in D.C., asked Sen. Mark Pryor if an investigation should be undertaken.  Pryor gave the following statement:

The United States needs to send a clear, consistent message to the world that we stand for morality and the rule of law. Having said that, no one is above the law, and I support an impartial investigation of the facts by the Department of Justice that led up to any wrongdoing. It’s important that we not repeat the mistakes of the past, and I hope this information will provide a clear picture for the next appropriate step.

Sen. Blanch Lincoln has also said she would prefer an independent panel or Justice Department investigation.  Barton tried to contact the rest of the Arkansas delegation.  Rep. Mike Ross, also a Democrat and a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, said the United States should be above torture but wouldn’t comment on whether there should be investigation.  Reps. Vic Snyder and John Boozman did not comment, and Rep. Marion Berry did not respond to phone calls or e-mails on the subject.  

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