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You might remember a post here a week or so ago about the deaths of 19 cows near a Chesapeake drilling site in Louisiana.  Reports differ on the exact number, somewhere between 16 and unofficial reports of some 30 cows.  The website Opposing Views discusses the topic today and includes comments from an Arkansas farmer who claims to have lost 25 percent of her cattle kept in a field where three wells were drilled. 

A farmer in Arkansas told me about her concerns that natural gas production is the cause of death and other health effects in her cows. Almost 25% of her cattle died when kept in a pasture where three wells were drilled above the water source - a loss of over $35,000. She has also observed stillbirths, birth defects, and drastic reductions in milk production. Tests indicated lead, arsenic, barium and other heavy metals that are above safe levels in their soil and water. A goat farmer in Oklahoma who is located across the road from oil and gas activities told me that her goats stopped producing milk; she sold them all and her farm is now in foreclosure.

I don't think we'll know the full extent of the damage for years to come.  A scary prospect. 

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