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It keeps getting worse



The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has announced another round of lay-offs.  No word yet on how many will lose their jobs, but the cuts are said to be "substantial."  Associate Editor Rhonda Owen is among those who have been let go. 

From the D-G's website: "Executive Editor Griffin Smith said the number was not being announced to keep employees from keeping track of those being called aside during the day. All employees being laid-off are expected to be informed Monday during private meetings with administration."

It's tough our there.           

UPDATE: Everything's better with a little context.  Arkansas Business reporter Mark Hengel is on top of this.  He says cuts are taking place at the paper's headquarters in Little Rock and at offices in northwest Arkansas.  Check out his report here.

UPDATE II: Well, we're hearing 14 have been cut from the newsroom.  Add Jack Hill's name to the list.  Others will no doubt step up to carry the load but Hill will be missed when it comes to writing about cultural events.  A photographer, a couple of sports writers and some administrative staff are also rumored to have been axed. 

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