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Cummins to UCA?



You may remember Bud Cummins, the former US attorney that was fired, along with eight others, to make room for "loyal Bushies" back in 2006.  Since then, Cummins has spent time as the CEO of US Canadian Biofuels Inc.  Now, he's submitted an application to the UCA presidential search committee.  In the letter, he explains his rather eventful departure from his previous post:

My departure from the US Attorney's office was unfortunately marred by unsettling events emanating out of the Department of Justice in Washington.  I found myself among nine US Attorneys who were dismissed in an unprecedented manner with inconsistent explanations from Washington.  Although the true motivation for my own dismissal was quickly conceded (another individual on the White House staff simply wanted the job), my other former colleagues were falsely accused of performance deficiencies. 

For the next six months I was drawn into controversy, testifying before both houses of Congress and appearing on national television and radio news shows.  This presented an unforseen opportunity to test all of my skills in dealing with public controversy.  

That experience could come in handy as bad news continues to pour out of UCA.  Another interesting bit: under "experience" Cummins lists "publicly representing the Department on issues of controversy, e.g., the USA PATRIOT Act."  

As for references?  Mike Huckabee and John Ashcroft to name two.  

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