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Remember that list?



The one we told you about a couple days ago.  The one compiled from public records of all the names and addresses of the Arkansans who signed the petitions to put Act 1 on last year's ballot. This was the anti-gay measure, approved by voters, that prohibits adoption or fostering parenting by unmarried people living together.  Our post sparked a lot of conversation here.  Of course, the Family Council came out in opposition to the public release of the names. 

Well, the group that orginally compiled the list,, has done a little bit of homework.  The group alleges that one of the names on the list is none other than Walmart CEO Mike Duke.  From the site:

One may find the alleged signature of Mr. Duke and the check mark put on by the State of Arkansas indicating that this name was verified and counted for the advancement and ultimate success of the anti-gay legislation in Arkansas in 2008 otherwise known as Act 1. 

Wal-Mart claims to have an environment of "diversity" within its stores though the Human Rights Campaign only ranked Wal-Mart at 40% in its Corporate Equality Index in 2008. Shocking. 

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