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Baker NOT saying no



This morning, House Speaker Robbie Wills theorized on his blog that Senator Gilbert Baker's filing of a proposed constitutional amendment with the Attorney General's office was his way of finding something to do other than run against Blanche in 2010.  Wills writes: 

My tea-leaf reading skills may be called into question, but here goes:

Sen. Gilbert Baker has submitted a constitutional amendment proposal to Attorney General Dustin McDaniel’s office to enshrine the “secret ballot” in the Arkansas Constitution. This is in effect the Union Card Check issue that has gripped the U.S. Senate for the past year.

Might this mean Gilbert has found something to do in the 2010 election season other than run against U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln? I think so.

So, how about those tea-leaf reading skills?  I contacted Baker.  He says if he doesn't run it won't be because he's the "go-to spokesperson" on this proposed amendment.  Baker says the filing has been in the works for some time but just didn't get off the ground until recently.  So, is he planning on running?  Baker says he has two issues: he still has small children at home, and really enjoys what he's doing now.

"Right now I am not raising money and I’m not organizing," Baker says.  "I’m also not saying no." 

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