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Where's the money?



In the space of 12 hours, I've received two different communications complaining about the lack of information about how the city of North Little Rock plans to spend its federal stimulus money. I can't claim any knowledge of the issue, but my correspondents complain of lack of a website, public meetings or communication from City Hall.

One of them, Scott Miller, has posted something on the issue on his Argenta News website.

The City is remodeling the former offices of Neighborhood Services in the first floor of City Hall to house the City's new Stimulus Director, Michael Drake and his staff. The City is spending significant money ripping out the carpet, removing walls and redoing the floors among other things as shown in the picture above.

These offices were fine for Neighborhood Services for years, so why remodel now and spend the money? Why won't the City spend a few hundred dollars (a fraction of what they are spending on the Stimulus Director's offices) to add a page to the City's web site to keep citizens informed of what stimulus money the City is recieving and where it is being spent? Little Rock does this, why not us?

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