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John Brummett thinks it's of little value, maybe counter-productive, to publicize those who enabled an anti-gay and anti-child measure to be placed on the Arkansas ballot last year. (That database of petition signers is here.)

In other words, go slow. Don't anger bigots by forcing them to confront their prejudice. Also, treat the oppressed minority as the oppressors. Condemn their actions to seek justice and claim victimhood for the oppressors.

I liked what blog reader TAP said the other night:

Publication of the names of the petitioners is a good thing, and so is spreading the news of the publication.

Maybe now those who were ill-informed, or whose decision was ill-considered, will think twice about the logic of putting invidious discrimination up for a vote.  Maybe their friends and loved ones can gently or forcefully make the point that empowering some one else to discriminate is not a commendable course, or even a neutral one. 

Maybe instead of salving their consciences with the fact that they didn't vote for Act 1, people of good will who signed the petition (and I assume there are some) will be forced to own their roles in the injustice.  And maybe they will do better next time.

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