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An academic heading to the University of Arkansas is an expert on street vending. The subject is currently a hot topic in New York. Some see additional street vending jobs as hope for the unemployed and are arguing for an increase in the city's cap on street sellers to help. Sociologist John Farber, who'll be teaching in Arkansas, said:

“There is an erroneous theory that if you increase the number of street vendors permits you increase the number of vendors on the street,” Professor Farber said. “Street vending is bare-bones economics, supply and demand.” He added, “If there is no profit incentive, it doesn’t matter if they have a license or not, they are not going into street peddling.”

All of that said, I wish we had more (any) taco trucks, hot dog carts, coffee wagons, etc., in downtown Little Rock. But you need enough people to support them, too.


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