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Thus, John Brummett explains the political blend that is Sen. Kim Hendren, announced opponent to Sen. Blanche Lincoln next year.

He is cursedly independent, brutally candid, undeniably conservative in pervasive style and spirit, if not in all specific instances, and he has been both a Democrat and a Republican; he is tied into a semi-dynastic Republican family and, as a modern state legislator, has relied on common sense and gone along with a Democratic governor’s tax increases while trying of his own volition to increase government’s control of your activities in operation of your own motorized vehicle.

Thus he is a walking contradiction and an eclectic maze.

He is also, several serious Republicans believe, Lincoln's ticket to re-election. It may be that I've written off the rest of the Republican field prematurely on account of this entry of a Northwest Arkansan from the GOP's Fortress Benton County. But it's certainly just about past time for others to get in the race as relative unknowns. The incumbent is already hard at work campaigning for health insurance and raising millions. Money counts, David Kinkade notes as someone who's been on the short side of the ledger.

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