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KTVE in Monroe-El Dorado reports that Gov. Beebe is working with a private group of investors to buy the closed Pilgrim's Pride poultry plant in El Dorado. The big news, I think, is that Beebe plans to emulate La. Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The state is promising big money to help. ... The governor says Arkansas will pay for more than half the offer...if it's ever accepted. That's similar to the deal the state of Louisiana made to save the Pilgrim's Pride Plant in Farmerville.

An El Doradan who's been following developments offers commentary:


I was at the speech Beebe gave. True there is an investment group that has made an offer and there is state and local help to close the deal. The problem is Pilgrim's Pride wants a lot more than the place is worth, like Jindal's Farmerville deal. I don't expect Beebe to pay the 20-30M premium that Jindal did. We have hope but no celebrations anytime soon.

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