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Other songs, other rooms



This is one of those days. I have to be other places. So updates may be scarce. Be sure to join the legislative survey below. It's off to a good start.

First: I join with our 2009Academic All-Star Team at UALR for the awards ceremony. It's our 15th. Every one has been good, but I don't know if there's ever been such a diverse mix -- kids from Gillett to Rogers, new Americans from China and Mexico, dancers and painters, future scientists and thinkers. Check them out.

I may check in briefly after, but I have to dust off my entries in the Arkansas Times' first Rock Candy 500, a Pinewood derby for young and old at the River Market from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight. It's under roof; no rainouts. Proceeds go to Scouting. (Which may not be a good place to add that beer will be dispensed, but .....) Check out entries ready for the ramp from the Times' David Koon and Patrick Jones below.


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