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Death at the Zoo



A Little Rock Zoo zebra died as a result of an accident that occurred when animals were being introduced into the zoo's new African veldt exhibit.


LITTLE ROCK (April 9, 2009) – A female zebra was euthanized yesterday at the Little Rock Zoo after suffering a broken neck from colliding with a gate during introduction of the animal to the new African Veldt exhibit.

The three zebra made their way onto the veldt from the east side of the exhibit where their holding barn is located.  The zebras became excited and began running on the exhibit.  Two zebras broke through the west side fence and hot wire connected to a service area in between a pond and the exhibit. 

The third zebra didn’t leave the exhibit and returned to the holding area on the east side of the exhibit. 

After running back and forth in the service area one of the two zebras ran head-first into the service area gate and collapsed. 
Zoo veterinary staff responded and determined the animal was showing signs of a broken neck.  It was then determined to euthanize the animal.  Zoo Veterinarian, Dr. Marilynn Baeyens, said upon examination of the animal’s spinal column late yesterday afternoon that the animal had a broken neck and would not have recovered from the injury.

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