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NAACP unhappy on judge choices



I believe you heard it here first, that the black community was not happy that U.S. Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor had sent nine names to President Obama for consideration for three federal judicial openings in Arkansas and not a single one of them was black.

The NAACP apparently has gone public with that unhappiness today.

I guess Sen. Lincoln doesn't think she needs to pay any special attention to black voters to win in 2010. And Pryor's already milked them for every vote possible, with five years until his next need. Plus, bipartisanship is the watchword nowadays, not slavish attention to the old formulas. The crop the senators favored included a couple of reputed Republicans and one person who lives in Texas for appointment to Arkansas judgeships by a Democratic president. How's that for doing away with old-style politics?

(Does it count if one of the nominees, though a past George Bush financial supporter, has been seen lately driving a car with an Obama sticker?)

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