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For Huckabee's defense



John Brummett writes that Mike Huckabee was merely impolitic and unfunny in a couple of remarks that got him in trouble in Virginia the other day. But, he says, he was not inaccurate in lauding downstate Virginia as a bastion of middle class workers while sniffing at the elites of economically prosperous Northern Virginia.

Well, they have a few hundred thousand middle and lower class workers in Northern Virginia.  And you don't have to scratch deep to find welfare deadwood downstate. But Brummett thinks Huckabee was really talking about D.C. elites. Huckabee should have said so, not said of northern Virginians, "They may never have fully understood how hard it is for a lot of people to put a paycheck together, to be able to feed a family." The video of his remarks was sufficiently specific that Republicans have been busy apologizing and explaining.

I agree it's mostly typical Huckabee mouth overload. But a newsworthy contribution to the narrative developing for the 2012 presidential candidate.

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