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Big bang in Springdale



A bomb squad blew the windows out of a small branch bank in Springdale today as they detonated a suspicious package left there. Rick Baber provides the photo of the squad's vehicle and a litle citizen verite reporting from the scene. Morning News article says detonation followed x-ray that showed two pipes and cell phone inside package.


Stumbled across this. Don't know exactly whassup, but cops have several blocks of traffic around K-Mart re-routed.  Apparently, somebody found a FedEx package leaning against one of the front door of a branch bank, and the cops have blown the windows out of the place in the course of trying to explode the package open to get to...or see if there is a bomb inside it.  Been going on, I hear, since 7:30am.  It's almost 3

I just came by there and they're still at work.  I suspect it'll turn out to be a Tee Shirt some grandma was mailing to a kid and it fell out of her car and somebody stuck it up by that bank.

Such excitement in Chickentown.  Yesterday, while eating lunch in the park, two F-16's flew right over us, on their way, I assume, to shoot down that stolen single engine plane in Missouri.  Din't get a pic of those - they move kinda fast.

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