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Smoking: it will cost you



I spent some time Saturday morning at a regional conference of the Society of Professional Journalists, heavily attended by student members. UA professor Gerald Jordan called my attention to a recent issue of The Arkansas Traveler, and a front-page story on recent legislative action to ban smoking on Arkansas college campuses effective Aug. 1, 2010. This bill has gotten a little coverage, but I'd missed the significance.

Many campuses, including the Fayetteville campus, already have no-smoking policies of various sorts now. It appears that many students scoff at them and keep puffing, particularly outside buildings.

The new law will provide fines for non-compliance. The article quotes a UA official as saying non-enforcement will no longer be an option when the law takes effect.

By the way: Reading this morning that France has tossed smokers out of all restaurants and that even Ireland bans smoking in pubs, I thought I'd observe that it's time for Arkansas to go the rest of the mile for customers and employees. End the smoking ban exemption for places that bar people under age 21.  They've become toxic waste dumps thanks to their concentrations of smokers.

PS -- eLWood instantly gets a point Prof. Jordan mentioned to me and that I forgot to mention. Enforcement could (should) include tailgaters at Razorback games (beginning in 2010). To quote the late Paul Eells -- "Oh, my."

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