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The kiddies in the House keep throwing the Jell-o around. They know the adults in the Senate will clean up the mess.

Today's hijinks: Tax deadbeat Ed Garner, the Maumelle Republican, won House approval of his bill to take millions out of an ailing tax base by eliminating the capital gains tax on Arkansas investments. It will trickle down in economic development over time, he claims. (Just like Reagan's tax cuts didn't). (Funny. I don't think Ed's persistent failure to remit taxes at his business has grown it by any appreciable amount.)

The House gave Garner a 56-19 vote of approval. Here's the roll call. Rep. John Edwards, join Rep. Les Carnine in the shame-on-you corner. Boy, has the representation in the Heights area of LR fallen on hard times.

I forgot to make clear: The governor opposes this bill. The Senate will kill it. End of story, except to tally the time wasted and lies told.


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