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Marriage ban unconstitutional



Add Iowa to the list of states where the Supreme Court has ruled that aban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional -- a violation of due process and equal protection rights.

Based on my quick reading, the situation in Iowa is somewhat different than that in Arkansas, where a constitutional amendment, not a statute, banned same-sex unions. The Arkansas Constitution contains equal protection provisions, but I think it's presumed they are overridden by a conflicting constitutional amendment.

\Good commentary from People for the American Way.

UPDATE: How crazy is the horse race mentality among the political press? Judge by this. Republican-favoring Politico has already written this decision makes Mike Huckabee the favorite in the Religious Right-dominated Iowa Republican caucuses in 2012. Still more Iowa/Huck talk in Washington Post. Who knows? Maybe Republicans in Iowa will be less obsessed with trivia and hate in 2012 and more concerned with the economy, health, world peace, etc.  Statistics say more of the homophobes will be dead by then, their numbers replaced by more tolerant younger people.

NOTED: While The Huckster has decried the decision as "an attack on the traditional family," legislative leaders in Iowa (Democrats) have praised it. I believe Obama carried Iowa in 2008, by the way. Winning the nomination of the Family Council is not the same as winning a presidential election.

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