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There he goes again


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The Huckster, campaigning for a Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, suggests that supporters let the air out of opponents' tires to keep them from voting. He was joking. Like about the Banana Republic. And the shooting of Obama. And any number of Huckaticklers down through the years. Tee hee.

The first link, from Repubican-leaning Politico, makes Democrat Terry McAuliffe sound like a sorehead  for criticizing Huck. But the National Journal coverage is deeper. Criticism of Huck on the point was relevant because Huck's man is an enemy of better voter access, as Huck was. If you'll remember, his Banana Republic crack stemmed from efforts to get more people to the polls by encouraging weekend voting. What kind of country wants everyone to vote, including black people and poor people? Not a country Republicans are likely to lead.


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