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John Williams files this dispatch:

Slight drama going on right now with the AG's ethics bill, the one to prevent absentee lobbying (SB867). Opponents managed to get it referred back to committee. On the House floor, Ed Garner objected to a provision of the bill that prevents a lobbyist from getting paid based on the success of legislative action. Jon Woods then moved that the bill be re-referred to committee and the motion succeeded. Since it's in House Rules, which is allowed to meet at the same time as the general body, committee members ran back to committee. They've just passed it again and it should hit the floor for a vote a bit later. I'll let you know.

Ed Garner to me as I was leaving the committee room: "I've opened up a whole can of Pandoras."

UPDATE: Republican silliness had the effect of delaying the inevitable. Bill passed 88-10. Ed can put his Pandoras back in the can. And be sure to pay your taxes, Ed.

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