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Interposition -- again



Shades of Orval Faubus. A House committee today -- or, specifically, the Republicans and Reps. Butch Wilkins and Uvalde Lindsey -- gave a do-pass today to the resolution asserting state sovereignty and directing the federal government to cease and desist "mandates."

Here's some background on the nuttery. Some wingnuts hope to use it to nullify the Obama stimulus plan.

NOTED: The amendment was pulled off the deferred list and voted out without notice to those who might like to oppose it. Funny, one observer noted, that a measure ostensibly in support of citizens' rights was handled in a way that abridged free speech rights.

A successor organization to the White Citizens Council is promoting this movement nationwide. It helpfully noted in a bulletin that legislative opponents in a South Carolina vote included "four blacks, one Jew and one white who represented a 70 percent white district." Nice folks.

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