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Hatred never sleeps



Republican Rep. Bryan King and the usual homophobes apparently are going to make another run this week at winning commitee approval of a state law that will tell Eureka Springs what it can and cannot do in the name of tourism.

They'll try again to pass the bill prohibiting domestic partnership registries -- a PR gimmick Eureka devised (with no legal meaning) to welcome unmarried couples of all sexual orientations to town. Any sign of tolerance toward gay people is abhorred by King, the so-called Family Council and others who profess to come from "religious" orientations.

The issue is simple. Home rule. Eureka took a PR step that has won it wide praise and many visitors. Some people don't like it. Two  hundred residents can put it on the ballot for a city vote, but it seems that outsiders like King and Jerry Cox are the most offended.

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