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No more coal



Sierra Club reports on new government study:

Washington, DC: The government found no need for scores of new coal plants currently on the drawing board, according to the Annual Energy Outlook report issued by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) today. The outlook found need for just two new coal plants between 2013 and 2025—and that is without accounting for expected new investments in efficiency and renewables, which should eliminate the need for new coal plants. The government’s findings are a far cry from the coal industry’s propaganda that  dozens of new plants are absolutely essential.

"The data clearly show that we don’t need to be investing billions in dirty new coal plants," said Bruce Nilles, director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign. "In fact the data indicates that if we invest in clean energy, we can begin the process of retiring the oldest and dirtiest coal plants that are the most harmful to our health."

There's the U.S., of course. Then there's Arkansas. Where once we build that new coal smoker down at McNabb, we wouldn't want to have any conservation legislation in place to discourage people from drawing as much juice from it as possible.


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