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Moon blows up USAT, repeats LR exit


Craig Moon, the Gannettoid "publisher" sent in to preside over the death of the Arkansas Gazette (when not out jogging with female employees), has presided over the decline of the chain's flagship, USA Today, and now wants to leave.

Jim Hopkins' Gannett Blog reports:

I have been informed of an extraordinary power shift at the nation's top-circulation newspaper: Publisher Craig Moon has just announced his retirement, in a memo sent to employees moments ago. Now, confirmed..

Moon's departure after six years as chief executive of Gannett's marquee brand followed steep advertising sales declines during the early part of this quarter vs. a year ago. A reader posts a pertinent -- or impertinent -- comment to Jim's bloog:

So, let's get this straight:

-- Moon got his butt handed to him in Little Rock and was rewarded with . . .

-- The Tennessean, where he successfully demolished the last of the Sigenthaler era for which he was rewarded with . . .

-- USAToday, where he pinched and pinched and pinched just as they were making serious headway as being a national player.

And for this, he'll retire to a life of luxury.


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