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Today at the legislature



Friday is traditionally a slow day at the legislature, though busier as a session draws near an end.

Excitement this morning will include the latest sally from the party too hateful to be busy with meaningful work. Republican leader Rep. Bryan King will be back with his bill to make illegal Eureka Springs domestic partnership registry, a city PR gimmick without legal significance. It merely indicates that Eureka welcomes committed couples -- of any sexual orientation -- to demonstrate the depth of their relationship while visting Eureka by getting a city-issued certificate. King, of course, is merely playing the homophobia card, the most valued card in the Republican deck.

The bigots have been out in full force. The Family Council and American Family Association have been beating the tom-toms to pressure rural legislators to speak up for intolerance. Plotting was underway last night on the defense.

Home rule should prevail if nothing else. But you know how Arkansas legislators are about home rule. They're for it only if they like the rules.

Report on action later.

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